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Spell and Sound English: A cognitive approach to English phonics

Speak to anyone learning English as a second language and you will discover that it’s the spelling that causes the most headaches. Confirming these testimonies are the appalling literacy rates of English speaking countries as children struggle to grasp English phonetics. This glaring issue opens the doors for numerous “learn English phonics” programs, driven through […]

Slang Word of the Week

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Tuckered Out

Country of Origin: America Tuckered Out means; exhausted tired out worn out A little bit about Tuckered Out If you’ve ever watched a B-grade feature western from the 1930′s and 40′s, you might have heard the expression “tuckered out”. “Plumb tuckered out” has the same meaning, the word “plumb” just makes the “tuckered out” stronger, […]

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