Short Vowels

Don’t just listen to English short vowels, try them for yourself! Record your own attempts with our online voice recorder and play them back so you can compare them with those of our English speaker.

Many of us find it cringe worthy to hear our voices played back to us, especially when trying to master new sounds but listening to your recordings will give you the opportunity to hear it as others would.

It’s a great way to check if your getting it right!

Use our media player to listen to our audio files.

Just click to record and stop when your ready. Hear your recording using the “listen” button and record another by clicking the “retry” button. If you want to share your work, upload the sounds before you hit “retry”. We have some tips to enable the recorder if your having trouble making a recording.


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For words with more than one letter A, notice which letter A the æ sound is on.

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