For Teachers

Spell and Sound English Charts have been created to compliment your work as an English Language Teacher in ways that allow students to speak English with confidence.

At Spell and Sound we;

  • Recognise your importance; without you there would be no class to begin with,
  • Assist you to explain English language sounds and spellings to non-native English speakers,
  • Assist you to describe language spellings to native English speakers,
  • Offer your students handy tips to help motivate them to keep trying in class

You will notice that this site contains many tutorials where students are asked to contact their teacher for further advice, even though there are opportunities for students to hear English sounds made by genuine English speakers. does not claim to be the “last word” on English phonemes and graphemes, instead, offering students a starting point for their learning. Students will always need your expertise to guide them.

Pure IPA Charts

All Spell and Sound English Charts are in their pure International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) format.

Charts with examples contain English words that highlight the spellings for each phoneme and of course all of our phonics charts are in our unique format – alphabetical order.

Why alphabetical order?

Because it’s perfect for the student who reads more English than they hear.

Range of Spelling Options

You might notice that the English charts contain all of the most common spellings for English but also many exceptions. Although not commonly used, they have been added to the chart so that students can have a wider range of English phonics than regular charts provide. If you find students have trouble identifying which spelling to use for a particular phoneme, our suggestion is to highlight the most commonly used phonemes on the chart.

If you find any exceptions, please add them to the chart.

Audio Lounge

microphone thumbnailIf you’re looking for a resource to help your students study their own pronunciation, take a look at our Audio Lounge.

The Audio Lounge is a place where anyone can record and playback their own voice to compare it to ours.

It’s a great way to fine tune pronunciation skills!

At the end of the day

Spell and Sound English Charts are a guide and tool for beginners and intermediates (although advanced students could benefit also).

English language students that have difficulty “hearing” and particularly “spelling” English, will discover that Spell and Sound English Charts provide an excellent starting point to tune into the universal English language.

If you would like to know more or have any suggestions, please fill out the contact form and we will respond as soon as we can.

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