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Getting started here at is easy. Just follow our simple A B C steps to improving your English pronunciation and spelling.

letter A for documentsDownload your Free Spell and Sound English Chart.

letter B for documentsRead through and download some helpful pointers about using your English Chart, if you need them.

letter C for documentsRun with it…

Our easy to use English Phonetic Charts outline most of the spellings for each English sound in alphabetical order, so you can get a quick overview in less time it would take you to look up each word in your dictionary.

It’s the perfect complement to your English or bilingual dictionary.

What are Spell and Sound English Charts?

Spell and Sound English charts are simple, double-sided charts that contain all 44 English language speech sounds (phonemes) plus a few tricky combination sounds, together with nearly all of the spellings that create those sounds.

International Phonetic Alphabet symbols feature on each English Chart, which is so much more than a reference chart. For those who spend more time reading English than hearing it, our English Charts will help you transform the written words into sounds.

Each feature has been designed to make your job a little easier and save you time and money along your learning journey.

All of this information is easy to master in just three simple steps.
sound box person
You simply look up each new word you come across on your chart, break it down and sound it out. Each word you look up on our charts will having you learning English without realising. You’ll be constructing English words!

Spell and Sound English charts highlight the differences between each English sound making them easier to hear. You’ll be amazed at how much more spoken English you will be able to understand.

Here is an extract of the Spell and Sound English Chart with Examples.
extract of English spelling chart

The BEST feature about Spell and Sound English Charts

In a short time, you won’t even need it!

That’s right, every time you look up a word on your chart, you learn a little English. With regular use, you’ll be able to confidently pronounce English words you’ve never seen before.

Why is English spelling so difficult to learn?

Well, if you’ve taken a look at the English Chart with or without examples you’ll notice all the different letters and letter combinations that can be used to make each sound.

Some sounds have 22 different letter and letter combinations. That’s 22 ways to spell one sound. 22 ways to learn to spell one sound. No wonder it’s hard.

Our English Phonics Charts guide you through English spellings where the spelling choices for each sound are easy to identify when your reading or hearing English.

How do Spell and Sound Charts Work?

Spell and Sound Charts isolate the sounds of the English language and couple them with the various spellings these sounds can make. Just match up the letters with sounds.

sound box explanation

You’ll sound English while learning English spelling!

All sounds are represented by International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols, so if you want to know how each symbol actually sounds, just go to our Audio Lounge or Listen to English Sounds pages.

All of our word examples in the Spell and Sound English Charts are available as audio files so you can practice each sound within specific words.

Discover how working out English phonics helps you learn faster.

Change you chart as you need to
Your chart is best used as an evolving document, meaning you can change it to suit your learning needs.

If an English sound has the same sound in your language, add it to your Chart next to the IPA symbol.

So, if my native language is French and I’m learning English I might find that the “au” in author (English) sounds like the “au” in hausse (French). To help me remember, I’ll put the word hausse with au underlined, next to the IPA symbol for the same sound.

A word of warning: it’s not easy to tell if the sounds in your language match 100%. Use your bilingual dictionary’s IPA index and your teacher to guide you.

If you find any other spelling exception, add them into your chart and if you have the time, let us know, we’d love to hear them.

Spell and Sound Works for ANY Level

Anyone can improve their English pronunciation and spelling with Spell and Sound English Charts. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced student.

Beginners: Learn correct pronunciation and spelling from the start

Intermediate Students: Learn to correct mistakes and fine tune pronunciation

Advanced Students: Tweak and adjust their skills

English Accents

English sounds slightly different depending on where you live and both the sounds and the spellings can vary.

To help you, we use the International Phonetic Alphabet IPA, commonly used in many dictionaries including Collins Dictionaries.

The spellings in your Spell and Sound English Charts are British. The major differences between American and British spellings are outlined in Spelling Differences between American and British English.

As for the sounds of English, well each English speaking region has it’s own version of the English accent, so much so that there is an IPA for each region as well, although the one we’ve used here at is more general.

All our audio files are recorded by an Australian Native speaker and whilst every effort is made to produce neutrally sounding phonemes, there might be some accent inheritance if you follow the sound files closely.

Beyond English Charts

Following the simple lines of Spell and Sound charts, each tutorial on this website has been created so that it’s;

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to put into practice.

Tutorials cover a wide variety of topics such as;

Consolidate your knowledge with the “Try it!” and “Test your knowledge” sections within certain tutorials. Some of our tutorials contain an interactive Quiz at the end. Or look to our Quiz Directory on the side of the page for a full list of Quizzes contained within tutorials.

English Audio Lounge

Don’t just listen to English sounds, interact with them in the Audio Lounge!

Listen to our authentic English sounds and words and record your own to fine tune your pronunciation.

You’re not alone at Spell and Sound

You are not alone in your efforts to learn English.

Lean on the support offered by us and your fellow students here at You will read interesting insights into;

  • Learning a second language
  • How to embrace English in a non-English speaking country
  • Best ways to improve your language skills

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