About English Charts

Your Free Spell and Sound English Chart contains all 44 English phonemes or language sounds and many of their spellings or graphemes, including some less common spellings.

This one page, double sided chart allows you to focus on grammar and vocabulary rather than difficult English spelling.

English Phonics Chart Features

There are so many features to the Spell and Sound English Chart, we’ve only chosen to highlight the most important.

Alphabetical Order

Scan the yellow boxes to find English spellings found in words and match them to their sounds, quickly and easily.

Separate Vowels and Consonants pages

Find vowel spellings on one page and consonants on the other.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

The symbols found within the red boxes on your English Chart contains an internationally recognised language symbol for a particular group of spellings. The set of symbols used for each language is known as the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This static reference point allows you to differentiate between similar sounding phonemes and compare the sounds of your own language with English sounds.

English Word Examples

One of the most important features of Spell and Sound charts is the use of examples. English word examples demonstrate how English spellings are used in words.

Colour Coded

English Charts are colour coded so you can easily use charts for different languages.

Red boxes contain IPA symbols

Yellow boxes contain all English spellings as they occur in words. These are in alphabetical order, so you just need to scan the yellow boxes to find the spelling choice for the word you are looking up.

Choosing an English Chart

There are two English Charts you can choose from;

  • English Chart with Examples
  • English Chart without Examples.

Both contain a large amount of phonetic information and subsequently the print is small. We recommend you download both versions together and use the Chart without examples, where the print is slightly larger, but have the Chart with examples handy for when you need to see how some spellings work within words.

English literacy in English speaking countries has been described as one of the lowest in the world and looking at your Spell and Sound English Chart, you can see why.

But you’re lucky, you have a handy English spelling tool at your disposal!

Best ways to use your English Chart

Currently, English Charts are available in PDF files and can be saved and printed as you need them.

Here are some ways you can keep your’s handy;

  • Print it out and keep it in your English notes
  • Laminate it
  • Keep it with your English Dictionary

Once you have downloaded your chart, you can start straight away or take a couple of minutes to look through the How to use Spell and Sound English charts information.

All of our English Charts are FREE to download and for personal use only.

You are asked not to copy, recreate or distribute the charts or the information contained within them.

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