Listen to English Alphabet

AlphabetSpelling your name out to someone can be a nerve wrecking experience when you don’t know what the letters are called.

Anyone learning English will come across the English Alphabet at some stage.

The English Alphabet contains letter NAMES. It’s a representation of all the English letters and their names, not necessarily their sounds.

Some of the letter names might represent an English sound but unfortunately the alphabet does not contain all the sounds of English. It is a good place to start though.

If you’re interested in the sounds of English, you can hear all 44 English sounds or find out how they combine with other letters to produce sounds in our Spell and Sound English Charts.

Just click on a letter to hear authentic English letter names.


Listen to the full English Alphabet.

Discover how English letters make sounds in our free English Phonics Charts.

All of our audio recordings are in MP3 format and produced by a real English native speaker

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