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If you’re just starting to learn English, don’t panic! We say this, because English spelling is complicated and diverse. Getting frustrated is an occupational hazard when learning to spell the universal language.

Take a quick look at your Spell and Sound English Chart and you’ll see just how many different letters and letter combinations can represent each sound (indicated by IPA symbols).

Some sounds, like the English schwa [ə], have 22 different spellings. That’s 22 different ways to write the one sound. No wonder English literacy rates are some of the worst in the world, so it’s no wonder that people studying English as a second language struggle with English spelling.

A note on the word “grapheme”.
Most of us appreciate a jargon-free life so you will find very little phonetic jargon on this site. “Graphemes” are called spelling choices or options / letter groups or letters. It’s hard enough to learn a new language, many of us don’t have time to learn the language of language as well.

You will find some useful topics in this English Spelling section such as;

Test your knowledge

Remember what you’ve learned in each lesson and consolodate your knowledge of the English language by participating in the “Test you knowledge” section. When you see this heading below you will find some exercises to perform or a quiz to take to help you retain what you’ve learned and test you knowledge.

Give it a go!

Test your knowledge

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