Tuckered Out

Western picture
Country of Origin: America

Tuckered Out means;

  • exhausted
  • tired out
  • worn out

A little bit about Tuckered Out
If you’ve ever watched a B-grade feature western from the 1930′s and 40′s, you might have heard the expression “tuckered out”.

“Plumb tuckered out” has the same meaning, the word “plumb” just makes the “tuckered out” stronger, it’s an intensifier.

‘Tucker’ is a colloquial New England word, coined in the early 19th century, meaning ‘to tire’ or ‘to become weary’. ‘Tuckered out’ is just a straightforward use of that. ‘Tuckered out’ is rarely seen alone. Courtesy of CajunQueen at UrbanDictionary.com

“I’ve been on my feet all day long, I’m plumb tuckered out!”

Listen to the expression “tuckered out”.

Image courtesy of Greencine.com

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